About Us

B.E.S.T. includes a combination of both experienced and passionate commercial carriage company owners and drivers. We are all devoted to the mission of preserving the industry through professionalism on every level. Providing only well cared for, and humanely treated carriage horses, B.E.S.T. members are also highly devoted to industry recognized safety protocol, as well as immaculate turnouts. Being a part of B.E.S.T. means you are recognized by your peer professionals as being one of “The BEST” commercial carriage service providers.

B.E.S.T. Mission Statement

B.E.S.T. is a voluntary program initiated by its members for its members. It encompasses a pledge system where members set out to uphold an agreed set of B.E.S.T standards of carriage service operation. A member generated pledge system has been produced to assist us in our efforts.  A yearly awards program will be implemented that will offer recognition for outstanding service and compliance with the program. A number of categories will be awarded.  These awards will be peer nominated and awarded by the number of peer votes.  Members in good standing will be granted the B.E.S.T. seal of approval for their use on websites, flyers, business cards, and all other forms of advertising.  The mission of this program is to acknowledge the carriage companies that continuously strive to shed a positive light on the industry through their diligent efforts to adhere to Better Equines, Safety, and Turnout.

Founding Members

Karen Garriott • The Princess’s Carriage • Rose Bud, Arkansas • 501-232-4102 • karen@princesscarriage.comwww.princesscarriage.com
I am the owner of The Princess’s Carriage, Arkansas’ finest horse drawn carriage service. I have been involved in commercial carriage since 1984 and have driven for a large street company as well as owned my own special events carriage service in two states.

Robin Donahe • Fantasia Carriage, LLC • Lago Vista, Texas • 512-914-4966 • robin@fantasiacarriage.com • www.FantasiaCarriage.com
I am a life long, second generation horsewoman and CDE competitor. I have been able to launch my commercial carriage business, Fantasia Carriage, LLC in Texas as a seasoned pro by employing the wisdom and strict standards of the B.E.S.T. program.

Heather Schneider • Wind Chase Farm, LLC • Palm City, Florida • 772-285-3480 • info@horse-drawncarriage.com • www.horse-drawncarriage.com
My husband and I are the owner/operators of Wind Chase Farm Combined Driving, LLC in Palm City, FL. I hold The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Gold – 2015, Silver – 2013, and Bronze – 2012 medals for my efforts with my Pony Team. I am the current USEF Pony Team Champion of North America. I use my experience and expertise to provide top notch horse-drawn carriage services.

Chantel Semenchik • Cape May Carriages • Cape May, New Jersey • 609-884-4466 • capemaycarriage@gmail.com • www.capemaycarriage.com
I own and operate Cape May Carriages of New Jersey with my long time partner Mario Lattuca-Bonamico. We specialize in street tour carriage rides.

Elaine Joseph • Cedar Knoll Farm • Lisbon, Connecticut • 860-376-8110 • cedarknollfarm@gmail.com • www.cedarknoll.net
My husband Terry and I own Cedar Knoll Farm of Lisbon, CT. Aside from operating a long-standing commercial carriage business, we also farm with our horses. We have been featured in film, on television and in numerous publications.

Kelly Arnold • Avalon West Carriage Service • Brooksville, Florida • 352-797-0757 • kellyarnold.avalon@gmail.com • www.avalonwestcarriages.com
I am the owner of Avalon West CarriageService of Florida. I started driving commercial carriages in 1991 for an existing company here. Since 1998 I have operated my own special events commercial carriage service. I have always employed the standards set forth by the B.E.S.T. program.

Sarah Thompson • American Heritage Carriage, LLC • Switzerland County, Indiana • 859-991-6734 • www.facebook.com/AmericanHeritageCarriage
I have been driving horse carriages commercially for 27 years. I have a deep love of history and tradition. My company American Heritage Carriage, LLC is located in Switzerland County, Indiana.

Tony Troyer • T2 Enterprises / Arabian Carriage • Earlville, Illinois • 815-530-4464 • ttroyer@arabiancarriage.com • www.arabiancarriage.com
I am the owner operator of T2 Enterprises/Arabian Carriage and I have been operating commercially for the last 15 years. I also enjoy competitive trail and endurance driving with my purebred Arabian horses.